Celebrating God’s Unconditional Love for ALL

Acknowledging the Presence and Power of God, we raise our many voices as one voice, knowing that we are one in the eyes of the One.

One: Precious Lord of the Universe, Divine Creator, we open our hearts and minds to Your Divine Wisdom, Your Unfailing Grace, and Your Unconditional Love.

Many: Source of All Good, we ask that You hear our humble and fervent prayer.

Many: Source of Divine Wisdom, we pray not just for ourselves; we pray and stand in the gap for all who may be reeling from the sting of hatred, prejudice, discrimination and injustice in all of its forms.

One: Beloved God, just now, we honor You in the many names that You are called and we give thanks for Your loving hand in all of our lives.

Many: Source of All Truth, we lift our eyes to the hills from whence cometh our help, and we ask for healing of any and all things within ourselves that out-picture in our world as violence and brutality.

Many: Source of Divine Peace, we speak in unity, praying for acceptance and respect of all of Your children so that we all are free to express our authentic selves, and that we trust and know that we are all inherently good, and whole and perfect, just as You created us to be.

One: God our Father, God our Mother, we honor Your Divine Essence that is the undeniable truth of who we are.

Many: Our God, we stand on Your promise that You would never leave us nor forsake us.

Many: Our Divine Light, we trust and know that Your unconditional love knows no bounds and our entitlement to it cannot ever be taken from us.

All: We join together in Praise and Thanksgiving, for in this moment we know the Truth of who we are, and Whose we are. We claim our Divine birthright as Your beloved children. We love You, we love ourselves and we love each other.


And So It Is!


Contributed and created by Reverend Beverly Saunders Biddle for Many Voices’ Celebrating the Soul of Justice worship service 2016.


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