Changed by God’s Love

Greater acceptance, broader love, and wider welcome illuminates our reflection of God to the world (based on Acts 10:9-15 and Matthew 15:21-28).

One: How quickly we humans condemn, how easily hurtful words are spoken, acts of hate and injury accomplished.

Many: If I am different, there is no welcome; if you don’t belong, there is no love.

One: The disciple Peter refused to accept that which he thought unclean, to receive those who were impure.

Many: God taught him that nothing God has made is unclean and must not be called profane.

One: Sometimes the good news of God’s love is thought to be only for some people and not for others.

Many: Even Jesus had his eyes opened to the depth of God’s inclusive love.

One: Those who are called by the name Christian are called to be changed by God’s love,

All: so that none may be excluded, and all may be welcomed in.

From Shaping Sanctuary: Proclaiming God’s Grace in an Inclusive Church, edited by Kelly Turney. Copyright 2000 by Reconciling Ministries Network. Reprinted by permission.

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