Prayer for clergy

Prayer written for pastors meeting with a couple planning to marry.

Holy Spirit, dwelling within me, give me an open mind and heart, as I meet with these two people who seek your blessing upon their faithful commitment [of many years]. May I listen deeply and discern clearly the ways that, through them, you invite me into deeper understanding of your love and your grace for all creation.

Allow me, I pray, to witness the ways you have been at work in each of them and in their unfolding relationship. May I be an honest and faithful companion to them on their spiritual journey.

Help me understand the ways you may be calling me to be a force for healing and reconciliation in their lives individually and as a couple. May I be an instrument of your peace, justice, and grace, instilling hope and love where possible.

O God, guide me to understand and reflect the hopes, dreams, and desires of this couple that have already been realized and that long for further deepening and development  in  your holy wisdom. May I understand, affirm, and bless the ways this couple has already and will continue to reflect your own yearning – hopes dreams, and desires for furthering love and justice, hope and mercy, forgiveness and reconciliation in them and in the world.

I pray all of this in the name of Jesus, our brother and savior, Amen.

By Reverend Dr. Kenneth Orth published in Covenant Conversations: Pre-Marriage or Blessing Preparations with Same-Gender Couples (Cleveland: UCC Coalition Publishers, 2007).

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