Statement of intention

Example 1:

I require and charge you both as you stand in the presence of these loved ones and of

God, that having considered the holy covenant you are about to make, you do now

declare your pledge of faith, each to the other.  If the vows you make this day are kept,

your life together will be full of joy and peace, and the home which you make shall abide

through every unknown future.


Example 2:

_____ & _____, you are here in the presence of God to declare midst the community of

faith your commitment to each other.  It is made in the context of human limitations and

the uncertainties of life and calls for tremendous faith:  faith in yourselves as persons,

faith in the strength of your relationship under God, and faith that together you will be

able to deal creatively and responsibly with whatever the future holds.  In that spirit, you

come now to affirm your intentions.



Example 1:

_____, are you willing to step forth in faith and affirm that you will accept _____ and

him(her) alone, in sickness and health, poverty and good fortune, difference and

agreement, in times of comfort and times of struggle as long as you both shall live?

I am willing.

Example 2:

_____, will you here affirm that you choose _____ to be your husband (wife)(partner)?

Will you love, respect and honor him(her), share your plans and interests, ideals and

emotions, through crisis and anxiety, through joy and pleasure, caring for him(her) in a

lifelong commitment?

I will.

Example 3:

____ & ____ I ask you to state now your commitment and intention to share your lives with each other.

Will you, ____ have ____ to be your companion for life’s journey, to love, honor and support him/her as long as you both shall live?

I will.

Will you ___ have  ____ to be your companion for life’s journey, to love, honor and support him/her as long s you both shall live?

I will.

____ and ____ have publicly declared their commitment and intention, their covenant will also unite their individual families, their friendships and relationships. Will you, who are present love, honor and support them in the life together. If so, say We will.

Contributed by Reverend Mary Krause & Reverend Cedric A. Harmon

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