Ann Thompson Cook


Ann is an experienced executive, educator, and advocate for LGBT equality, known for her ability to gain trust and partner with people from diverse backgrounds. For 25 years, she has facilitated dialogue and produced educational materials for churches on sexual orientation and gender diversity. Her educational books—And God Loves Each OneMade in God’s Imageand Dios nos ama por iqualare distributed throughout the world.

Recognized as an expert in nonprofit leadership, Ann has provided executive coaching, executive transition services, and strategic planning facilitation for leaders of national LGBT and other nonprofit organizations. Previously, she served as President/CEO of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, where she initiated, with Rev. Carlton Veazey, the National Black Religious Summit on Sexuality. And she’s served on national and local boards that build bridges and promote dialogue about sexuality.

Asked what inspires her to do this work as a straight-identified woman, Ann says, I’m troubled that anyone is afraid to be fully who they are. I dream of a world in which all children are free to develop their own gifts and interests, knowing that they are welcome and celebrated, just as they are.

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