How to Begin

Looking for guidance or have a specific question?

Pastor Tiffany Adams

This section includes several issues that people frequently raise. Look here for more specific questions. If your question is not addressed, however, please ask here.

Throughout the site, you can also look for this icon that flags resources that are particularly useful to people just beginning their journey to becoming welcoming: 



Explore this section on how to begin…

Understanding what the Bible says

Sacred texts inspire us, offer examples of journeying with God, help us to be faithful to God and to see the central message of God’s love in action.

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Learning about inclusion

In some ways, the first lessons about inclusion are similar to the first lessons of learning a new language. We quickly realize that we can offend even when we mean to be welcoming.

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Educating your congregation

Your first step is to identify the gap that—if filled —would allow the congregation to become truly inclusive and welcoming.

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Engaging your own faith tradition

Welcome, inclusion, community, love and hospitality are found in each faith tradition, and Scriptures speak positively about God’s love for all.

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A conversation with your pastor

You may be upset, you may feel newly inspired, you may have suffered in silence for a long, long time. Wherever you are, know that you’re in the perfect place.

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Expressing the congregation’s welcome

Lori entered the sanctuary of Ellsworth Church. Greeted by warm handshakes and bright smiles, she wondered. “Is all of this love and warmth lasting….?”

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Responding when someone comes out

When someone chooses to share the truth of their existence with you, it reflects their view that you are open and trustworthy. The good news is that you are not expected to have answers….

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Getting comfortable voicing concerns

Lifting your voice may not require grand schemes and extensive planning. Simply say what is true for you in your own way. Many Voices can help you with resources to make that difference.

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