Engaging your own faith tradition

Welcome, inclusion, community, love and hospitality are found in each faith tradition, and Scriptures speak positively about God’s love for all.

Take a look inside

As you take new steps within your church to make real the inclusive love of God, be sure to examine the teachings, doctrine, resolutions and messages specific to your tradition. Many years of rancorous debate, and blatant silence have delayed the openness we’ve longed for. Passages of scripture have been used to pass judgment, raise fears and maintain division among us. Suspicion of condemnation from the church by gay and transgender people is based on prior knowledge of these teachings that deny their full humanity.

Express love publicly

Share with each other welcoming and affirming words. A central value of our faith, to love your neighbor as yourself, guides our worship, and our work in the world. Seek ideas that create openings for broader understanding in the community. Allow the authentic love in your church to emerge and intentionally embrace each person for who they are.

Follow God’s guidance

You will find deep inspiration and feel more secure in discussions of inclusion by remembering the biblical mandate to love mercy, do justice and walk humbly with God.