Limor Inbar

Limor InbarLimor Inbar-Hansen, who contributed photos for use on our home page, has been photographing since the early 1980's. She received the Eddie Adams Photographic Award while in her first year at the New England School of Photography.

Ms. Inbar-Hansen quickly became a contributor to magazines such as Time and Newsweek and worked with world renowned photographers Donna Ferrato (Living With the Enemy, Aperture) and Philip Jones-Griffiths (Magnum Photos).

As a member of Impact Visuals Photo Agency, Ms. Inbar-Hansen concentrated on photographing the exquisite in everyday life. Her photos of gay and lesbian families, as well as her documentation of social and political events have been exhibited in the United States and the Middle East.

If Ms. Inbar-Hansen were to have a motto for her photographic style, it would have to be "To Educate and Celebrate." This perspective enables her to partake playfully and respectfully in life's intimate moments

To view her work, visit her website at Indelible Images.