Mittie Quinn

Mittie QuinnMittie Quinn is a Licensed School Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor. She holds a Ph.D. in Counseling from George Mason University, and degrees in Special Education from The American University and School Psychology from The Catholic University of America.

Dr. Quinn worked as a staff school psychologist in Fairfax County Public Schools for 10 years, but for the last 15 years has been serving children, adolescents and their parents in her private practice. She is an adjunct faculty member at George Mason University and is the author of "Assessing and Intervening with Children with Speech and Language Disorders" in Best Practices in SchoolNeuropsychology (Miller, 2010) .

Mittie is the proud mother of two young-adult children, Bethany and Daniel, and just celebrated 30 years of marriage to her “first” husband. She is a life-long Methodist and has been a member ofDumbarton United Methodist Church since 1976, the year she moved to Washington, DC. She has served as chair of most church committees and the Administrative Council and currently co-chairs the education efforts of the Baltimore Washington Area Reconciling United Methodists (BWARM).

Contributed Resources

God’s Surprises

An unknown unexpected plant growing in the garden is “God’s surprise” just like people--nobody knows how we’ll turn out.  We have patience, trust in God, and take care of ourselves and others to see what surprise God has in store inside each person.    

God’s Bouquet

A bouquet of many different flowers illustrates the point that God’s Bouquet--like the church--contains many different types of flowers with plenty of space for more. God calls us to keep trying to find and invite ALL the different flowers to be part of the Grand Bouquet. In God’s bouquet—they all fit in.