Rev. Cedric A. Harmon


An ordained pastor affiliated with the National Baptist and Missionary Baptist Churches, Cedric served as religious organizer for Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. For 13 years, he recruited and trained clergy from around the country to provide legislative testimony about issues of religion and government. He’s also known for his writing and television appearances—again on human rights and social justice—and serves on several boards having to do with sexuality and religion.

Notably, in the heat of the debate over marriage equality in the District of Columbia, Cedric quietly invited pastors and ministers who had spoken on other justice issues to publicly support marriage equality. His skill in helping them make the connection, and then filling in the gaps so they felt prepared to go public with their new understanding, enabled the DC Council to pass marriage equality with the support of African American clergy.

Cedric says, My first spiritual sanctuary is in the capacity Associate Pastor of a radically inclusive congregation. My second sanctuary is the kitchen – a place of creativity and aggressive chopping.  I am a lover of authentic, genuine and welcoming worship and time spent by the water (I am a Pisces).  Poetry feeds my soul and propels my progress. A dreamer of dreams, I envision Many Voices as creative space for communities of faith as they develop new and enriching worship celebrations – inclusive of all, exclusive of none.

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