Reverend Dr. Cameron Partridge

Reverend Dr. Cameron Partridge is an Episcopal Chaplain at Harvard.  Originally from Berkeley, California, Cameron has lived in Boston since 1995. He grew up in the Episcopal Church and was ordained priest in the Diocese of Massachusetts in 2005. A longtime member of the Harvard community, he did his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Theology degrees at Harvard Divinity School, and is also a Lecturer in the undergraduate College, teaching for the Committee on Degrees in Women, Gender and Sexuality.

Cameron sees himself as an Incarnation-oriented priest, bringing a passion for sacramental life, the intellectual riches of Christian thought, and a deep commitment to social justice to his work in the church. Prior to the Chaplaincy, he has served in urban parishes, working with young adults, and focusing upon issues of poverty, sexuality and gender. He is also particularly committed to the ongoing conversations in the Episcopal Church and across the Anglican Communion on gender and sexuality.

Contributed Resources

Liturgy for the Claiming of a New Name
Litanies & Liturgies, Naming/Transitioning, Rituals & Blessings, Worship

Embracing our true identity is cause for ceremony and celebration. Naming ritual is a wonderful way to honor truth.

Transgender Renaming Service
Naming/Transitioning, Rituals & Blessings

Ceremony to honor and commemorate persons coming into the fullness of their identity with the support of their worshipping community.