A Litany of Coming Out

Join the celebration of God's marvelous creation in its full expression.

One: As God created the heavens and the earth and called them good,

Many: God created each and every one of us, and calls us good!

One: As God’s creation includes and exhibits diversity and unity alike,

Many: God created us as diverse persons, yet with the desire that we live together with all of creation in peace and unity!

One: As a multicolored rainbow reflect the spectrum of light,

Many: We reflect the spectrum of human sexuality!

One: As straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons,

Many: We strive to affirm and be who we have been created to be!

One: As we encounter attitudes and acts of prejudice and injustice,

Many: We remain assured that God is always with us and for us, and that God wills for our lives wholeness and well-being!

One: As we discern the next step of our coming out, whether it be to our families or origin, families of choice, friends, coworkers, whomever,

Many: We recognize that to live life fully we must take the next step, even though we cannot guarantee the reactions of others.

All: We give thanks that we are never completely alone, that there are others whom we find along the path of our life’s journey who can provide love and support and genuine acceptance – including God!

From Bethany Presbyterian Church, Dallas, 2002. More Light Presbyterians. Used with permission.

Contributed by Rev. Todd Freeman

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