Affirming Family Diversity

By helping children to understand the diversity of the family unit, we can help them feel more comfortable with their unique situation.

Being inclusive when we speak about families sends a message of support and acceptance that many hunger to hear. 

Children and youth especially need this affirmation and inclusion; without it, many feel alone and left out. Since it is sometimes awkward for young people to speak up about differences, it’s important for adults to recognize and affirm family diversity. 


How many different kinds of families can you name? How many of those different family constellations are represented in your congregation? How often are those family differences acknowledged? 


Any time we speak, we can be intentional about broadening the definition of what makes a family. Use variety when examples of families are mentioned.


Affirming many different kinds of families helps us recognize and celebrate a variety of ways to be loving, caring, nurturing family.  






How many more can you name?


families including more than two generations

families with 2 parents


families headed by grandparents

families blending nationalities

families with foster children

families with no children

families with stepparents

families with adoptee children

families with one parent

families with lesbian or gay parents

families with children of different parents

families with two households

families with a transgender person

families where different languages are spoken

Contributed by Melany Burrill

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