All one body

We bring the full expression of who we are to worship celebration so we can connect with one another and with God. This Call to Worship beautifully invites us to voice it.


Voice I:   We are the body of Christ!

Voice II:   The hand clapping, toe tapping, heart pumping, mouth tasting,  arms embracing,

Voice III:   Justice seeking, hymn singing, love making, bread breaking, risk taking

All:   Body of Christ!

Voice I:  Baptized by one Spirit, we are members of one body.

All:  Many and varied in gender, color, sexuality, age, class  and ability, we are members of Christ’s beautiful body.

Voice II:  None of us can say to another, “I have no need of you.”

All: For only together can we find wholeness.

Voice III:  None of us can say to another, “I will not care for you.”

All: For we are connected like muscle and bone. If one suffers; we all suffer. If one rejoices, we all rejoice!

Voice I:  Thanks be to God who in Christ has made us one.

All:  Let us worship God!

By Ann B. Day From Shaping Sanctuary: Proclaiming God’s Grace in an Inclusive Church, edited by Kelly Turney. Copyright © 2000 by Reconciling Ministries Network. Used with permission.

Contributed by Ann B. Day

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