Crayons and differences

Children are invited to examine a box that contains a variety of crayons—some new, some broken, some nearly used up, some sharpened, some dull, some with paper, some without. First talk about the differences among these crayons. Then point out that together they can make a great drawing; they’re all crayons, and they all get along together in the same box!  


Accepting differences; working together;


Bring a box of crayons that contains a variety—some new, some broken, some nearly used up, some sharpened, some dull, some with paper, some without, some colors missing, two of some color, etc.

What to say and do:

Invite children to look at the different crayons in the box and tell you what is different about them.  Encourage them to spot all the differences.  Ask them if those differences matter when coloring a picture or making a drawing. Make the point that they’re all crayons and they all fit together in the same box.  

Depending on the number of children present and the amount of time available, you might invite each child select a crayon then work together to create a work of art, with each one using their crayon to color on one big sheet of paper. 

Prayer  (Say each line and ask children to repeat it.)
Dear God,
Thank you that you have created each of us.
Thank you that we are each different,
like these crayons.
Help us to celebrate our differences.

Contributed by Melany Burrill

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