God’s Love

A conversation about pie illustrates that God’s Love will not run out like pie but is continuously there for us. 


Love; What God is like


Bring an empty pie plate, a pie server, and a box of facial tissues, the kind a tissue pops up each time you take one.  

What to say:

Who can tell me what this is? (Point to pie plate and pie server.) A pie plate, right. Do any of you like pie? What is your favorite kind? (Pause) I really like pie, too.

When I was a child, any time we had pie was a special day at my house. Because sometimes 5 or 6 people were at the table at dinner­­time, when it came time to cut the pie, my brother and sisters and I would always watch to make sure all the pieces were EXACTLY the same size—we certainly didn’t want anyone getting a bigger piece of that delicious pie! If my brother’s piece looked even a teensy bit bigger, I would complain—”He’s getting a bigger piece!” Or he would complain if he thought my sister was getting a bigger piece. And you know how it is—the pie pan has only so much pie in it. If someone gets a bigger piece, then the other pieces are smaller. There never seemed to be enough pie, so we had to make sure no one got more than their share of this wonderful dessert. If an extra piece of pie happened to be left over, we always had a big argument the next day over who would get that piece of pie.

You know, some people think that God’s love is like pie. It is so precious and wonderful that everyone wants to make sure they get their share. And people act like there is only a certain amount, and if you get more, then I will get less—like the pie story.

People can get jealous or angry or pushy just to make sure that they get their share of God.

But I really think that God’s love is NOT like pie. There is a lot more than just one pan of it to go around. Sometimes I think that God’s love is more like a magic Kleenex box. Each time you get some love; more love is right there! (Pull some tissues out of the box in rapid succession and fling them around a bit to show that another one is right there.)

God’s love will not run out like pie. God’s love keeps coming and coming and coming and is always there.  

Contributed by Melany Burrill

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