Healing into our freedom 1

Litany of confession from the pride of denominational and faith exclusion


One:          Holy God of all creation we come before you tonight to
acknowledge our truth in the light of your unfailing love and grace. We want to see ourselves in a full spectrum view – to see our glory and our growing edges. And so we confess these things in this hour:

ALL:           It is by your love and saving power that you have delivered us from the bondage of every sphere of exclusion into the liberty of your divine welcome and full acceptance in our beloved Christ.

One:          We confess that many of us were excluded from and wounded by tables of faith and fellowship on the basis of our presumed or actual identity, our gender and gender expression, our race, our faith paths, or our denominational affiliations. But, you have set us free.

ALL:           Yet even in our declared deliverance, we are not yet completely free and so we pray, HEAL US INTO OUR FREEDOM!

One:          We confess that in the progression towards our full and transformative liberty, we have often replicated what has been done to us.

ALL:           Forgive us for being like Jesus’ disciples and imposing the same judgment and exclusion upon others that has been imposed upon us and we pray that you would HEAL US INTO OUR FREEDOM!

One:          Forgive us for wounding those who seek relationship with You through journeys and pathways distinct from ours.

ALL:           Forgive us for our words of condemnation against the minds and spirits of your beloved ones based on false pride in the supremacy of our denominational traditions, faith paths, and beliefs.

One:          But even as we are in our process, we confess that you can heal us from the damage we have suffered within and inflicted without. So, we repent and ask you to turn us by the power of your Spirit and we pray …

ALL:           From the pride of denomination and faith exclusion.




One:          Beloved –Believe the Good News – In Christ and in the Holy One we are Forgiven!

ALL:           Amen and Aché!

Created by Rev. Elizabeth Ann Jefferson for The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries 2015 Convocation.

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