Ingroup-Outgroup Game

This game pulls participants into the fun of working together to keep a member out of the circle. Learning and insight come in the discussion and reflection that follow the game. 


Materials needed:

space to move around.


  • Ask the group to stand in a circle and hold hands.

  • Ask for a volunteer.

  • Ask the volunteer to stand outside the circle.

  • Give the volunteer only the following instruction: “Your job is to get in.”

  • Don’t give any other instructions. Repeat that instruction if necessary.

  • Say “GO” to indicate that the game is starting.

  • After a few minutes or after the person gets in, ask for a new volunteer.

  • Repeat the same procedure.

  • After a few minutes or after the person gets in, ask for a new volunteer and play another round or invite people to return to their seats to discuss the game.

 Game discussion:

Ask the volunteers:

  1. What did it feel like to be on the outside trying to get in?

Ask the rest of the group:

  1. What did it feel like to be part of the circle? (Note: Most of the time, the group automatically works together to keep the person outside the circle. It’s okay to recognize that it was fun to work together to keep the person out.)

Ask everyone:

  1. What were the instructions? (After a few responses, remind them that the only instruction given was to the person outside the circle and it was, “Your job is to get in.”)

  2. Why did we do the things we did in this game?

  3. How is this game like real life?

  4. How does it relate to the practice of hospitality?

From RethinkInclusion Curriculum Session 1, “God’s Generous Hospitality”  

Contributed by Melany Burrill

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