Jesus Club?

Discussion with children about forming clubs and choosing who is part of those clubs leads to the point that church is not a “Jesus Club” where some are excluded.  Everyone is welcome here. 


Everyone is welcome at God's Table

What to Say:

Do you remember times when you got together with friends to make a club? You might have had signs outside your space saying, “No Boys Allowed” or “Girls Keep Out.”

Usually the clubs lasted for a time, and then you went on to other things. Maybe you found out that it was more fun to have both boys and girls included in your play, but maybe not. You were free to choose whoever came to your club.

Could we ever have signs on our church that said, “No Boys Allowed” or “Keep out, Girls?” (Pause for response)

I don’t think so. Let me say it really clearly to you. A church is not a club. A church is very different from a club.

We believe that Jesus would never have put up signs excluding anyone from his group. When we declare ourselves as followers of Jesus, we too could never put up signs excluding anyone from our church. We know that Jesus had open enrollment in his heart for all kinds of people, and we are instructed to do the same.

Signs on our door and in our attitude say, ”Everyone is welcome. Come as you are.”

From Dumbarton United Methodist Church Favorite Children’s Stories 1995 – 2006. Edited by Mittie Quinn. 2006. Used by permission. 

Contributed by Cindy Pomeroy

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