Jumping the broom

The African American wedding tradition of jumping the broom has its roots in West African culture. There the broom is a symbol of home and family life. During the time of slavery Black people were not free to marry and enjoy the legal recognition of their unions. However, couples spoke their love and commitment to one another as they began life together.  As sign of their uniting they jumped the broom.

Honoring the strength of the ancestors and in celebration of African American heritage couples continue this tradition of  jumping the broom.

Example 1.

_______and ______ have chosen to honor the tradition of our ancestors. In days when legal marriage was not afforded to slaves, couples yet found love in the heart of their beloved. Their voices stated their commitments, their word was proof of their intentions. To symbolize the transition to life together they would jump the broom. And so, with full legal recognition and as homage to those gone before us, _____ and_____ now jump the broom.



Contributed by Reverend Cedric A. Harmon

Contributed by Rev. Cedric A. Harmon

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