Rethink Inclusion

This 4-session curriculum uses Biblical principles to frame the issues of justice and inclusion and inspire participants to take action to transform our Church and our world into the full expression of Christ’s inclusive love. 

Good material for beginning dialogue about full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their families within the context of Christian community. Includes specific United Methodist church references which can be easily adapted to other denominations.

For adult or older youth classes or small groups, this curriculum includes complete lesson plans with a variety of learning activities, brief video discussion starters, a leader’s guide, and handouts—downloadable from this website.  

Here are descriptions of the leader's guide and 4 sessions:

The Leader’s Guide offers a brief course overview and specific helps for organizing and leading Rethink Inclusion as a four to six session course.

Session 1: God’s Generous Hospitality explores the biblical significance of hospitality, what it entails, those to whom it applies, and what it means to be called to practice God’s radical hospitality in today’s world. The focus is not on the worthiness of the stranger, but rather on the faithfulness of the one providing the hospitality.

Session 2:Called to Love focuses on God’s call to love one another and Jesus’ imperative to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Session 3: Justice for All delves into the example of Jesus reaching out to the downtrodden, treating others with kindness, and working toward justice for everyone and calls us to do the same.

Session 4: One Family Tree recognizes that we are all part of one global family and looks at how we can work together for the well-being of all members of God’s family.

Used with permission. From Rethink Inclusion – A Reconciling Ministries Network resource

Contributed by Melany Burrill

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