Called By Our Faith Campaign


Dr. Shockley shares the joy of a fully inclusive church

If you support LGBT justice, we invite you to create a video expressing how that is consistent with your Christian faith. In doing so, you will inspire others to speak their truth.

Why a video?

Just as LGBT youth have needed to hear that “it gets better,” so do we all need to hear new voices of people who have re-read the Scriptures—Christians who have grappled with the church’s negative messages and whose faith journey has brought them to affirm an ethic of love and equality under God.


  1. Black church leaders: Pastors, music ministers, educators, deacons, and others
  2. Gay and transgender (LGBTQ) Christians
  3. Other faithful people who want their voices heard


A well-conceived personal statement, preferably less than 3 minutes (so people will watch it). Post it on your social media sites, share with your network, and send a link to

Our promise

Many Voices will review all submissions, publish selected videos on our YouTube channel, and promote them through our social media.

Suggested guidelines

First, we’ve all absorbed negative messages or learned things about the Bible and the church that get in the way. Briefly recall where you started, what you believed, what you were taught, or how you viewed gay or transgender people.

Second, tell what happened that caused you to question those understandings. Perhaps someone close to you shared their life, perhaps you witnessed something or were inspired by something that didn’t fit the negative messages you’d been carrying.

Third, share how you wrestled with the contradictions, and perhaps how long it took (for example, “over the next year, I prayed, I studied the Bible, I listened for the voice of the Holy Spirit….)

Finally, share authentically where you are now, where that journey has brought you. Begin your concluding remarks with “Now I’m called by my faith….” or “My faith now calls me…”

Thank you for joining ManyVoices’ Black church movement for gay and transgender justice. Your affirming voice—from a faith perspective—will contribute healing and inspiration.