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We all have plenty to learn

Wherever your congregation is on the path of welcoming, you may be wondering, what might be our next step?

This section includes several topics that people frequently ask about educating their congregations. Please look here for more specific questions. If your question is not addressed, however, please ask here.

Throughout the site, you can also look for this icon that flags resources that are particularly useful to people just beginning their journey to becoming welcoming: 

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Impact of exclusion and discrimination

What we say, how we say it, and how we treat others can profoundly affect those around us. Exclusion and discrimination in the church may take the form of denying membership or baptism, expecting people to keep silent about their relationships….

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Normal range of sexuality and gender

All of us are sexual beings. Like so many other aspects of humanity, we can express our sexuality and gender in a variety of ways. Yet as human beings, we are most comfortable when we can neatly sort everything. We like the ease of “checking the boxes”—boy or girl, straight or gay….

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Ideas for inclusive classrooms

If you’re involved in teaching children and committed to helping them learn to accept all of God’s children from an early age, begin by weaving these four basic concepts into your regular lessons.

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What makes a family?

A little detective work can turn up more than 40 different family constellations in the Bible—and God was powerfully present and active in all of those families.

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Teaching children about sexuality and gender

As young people grow and mature, adults have a responsibility to provide them with accurate information about sexuality as well as a context for developing positive attitudes and respectful, responsible values related to sexuality. Few of us have had good role models to show us how to do this.

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Teaching adolescents about sexuality and gender

As children move into adolescence, they take on the important developmental task of forming a sexual identity.  This process is made up of at least four interrelated components.

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