Resources in "Blessings for Persons"

Pastoral charge

Black Church Conversations, Blessings for Persons, How to Think about the Bible, Life Transitions, Preaching, Rituals & Blessings, Worship

The charge offers encouragement, inspiration and focus to those entering new journeys of ministry.

Remembering the young among us

Blessings for Persons, Life Transitions, Rituals & Blessings, Worship

We ask for greater tenderness in remembering young people as they come to know themselves, even as we too came to understand our identity.

Blessing of God’s Care

Blessings for Persons, Worship

Growth and flourishing is God's desire for our lives.

The blessing of diversity (Genesis 9:16)

Blessings for Persons, Worship

Truly seeing the beauty and gift of each person is profoundly spiritual. May our faith increase to have clear sight.