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Celebrating God’s Unconditional Love for ALL

Litanies & Liturgies

Healing into our freedom 1

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship
Litany of confession from the pride of denominational and faith exclusion

Healing into our freedom 2

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship
Litany for healing the harm that comes from "Dressing" and not "Ad-dressing" our wounds  

Healing into our freedom 3

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship
Litany for misuse and abuse of the scripture

Litany for World AIDS Day

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

We join voices at this moment of boldness, empowerment and remembrance on World AIDS Day.

Litany for healing and hope

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

Created on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the March On Washington for Jobs and Freedom this litany calls forth waters of healing.

Liturgy of God’s Welcome

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

The welcome of God extends beyond our wildest imaginings and then surprises us once again.

God’s Generosity

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

Open hands  readily give and receive. May we remain open to God's in-breaking.

Liturgy for the Claiming of a New Name

Litanies & Liturgies, Naming/Transitioning, Rituals & Blessings, Worship

Embracing our true identity is cause for ceremony and celebration. Naming ritual is a wonderful way to honor truth.

Changed by God’s Love

Biblical Themes, Litanies & Liturgies, Love/Relationships, Worship

Greater acceptance, broader love, and wider welcome illuminates our reflection of God to the world (based on Acts 10:9-15 and Matthew 15:21-28).

A Litany of Coming Out

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

Join the celebration of God's marvelous creation in its full expression.

Litany of A Grateful People (Based on Mark 12:29-31)

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

Worship God with heart, soul, mind, and experience joy.

Litany of Community Celebration and Solidarity

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

May the Spirit of God prompt us to live, love and act in ways that more completely embraces the gift of each other.

Majestic worship (Adapted from Psalm 111)

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

Enter into the embrace of God's awe-inspiring presence as you recite this call to worship.

My creed – My beatitude

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

Stating our central aspirations and beliefs creates space for deep connection. This litany or reading rings with such openness.

Weekly affirmation

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

Affirming our African heritage, our vision...

We sow: A litany

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

Holy God, we sow; poor in spirit. We harvest eternal security. Holy God, we sow; with repentant minds. We reap your comfort....

I believe

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

Declaring the persistent, healing, creative and forgiving love of God invites us to truly worship.