Resources in "Worship"

Celebrating God’s Unconditional Love for ALL

Litanies & Liturgies

Healing into our freedom 1

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship
Litany of confession from the pride of denominational and faith exclusion

Healing into our freedom 2

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship
Litany for healing the harm that comes from "Dressing" and not "Ad-dressing" our wounds  

Healing into our freedom 3

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship
Litany for misuse and abuse of the scripture

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Call to Worship
A call to worship in celebration of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy of justice.

Litany for World AIDS Day

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

We join voices at this moment of boldness, empowerment and remembrance on World AIDS Day.

Prayer of Hope

Advent, Church Seasons, Prayers for Various Occasions, Worship

Prayer affords us the opportunity to strengthen our hope and our resolve for health and wholeness.

We praise you God for you have made

Prayers for Various Occasions, Sending Forth, Worship

A prayer of appreciation for the creative intentions of God.

Come all who are blessed

Call to Worship, Worship

An invitation to worship and acts of justice in the world.


Greetings & Opening Prayers, Worship

Litany for healing and hope

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

Created on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the March On Washington for Jobs and Freedom this litany calls forth waters of healing.

Pastoral charge

Black Church Conversations, Blessings for Persons, How to Think about the Bible, Life Transitions, Preaching, Rituals & Blessings, Worship

The charge offers encouragement, inspiration and focus to those entering new journeys of ministry.

Sending forth

Sending Forth, Worship

Conclude the celebration by pronouncing blessing upon all, and especially the newly married couple.

Remembering the young among us

Blessings for Persons, Life Transitions, Rituals & Blessings, Worship

We ask for greater tenderness in remembering young people as they come to know themselves, even as we too came to understand our identity.

Prayer for Christmas Day

Christmas & Epiphany, Church Seasons, Prayers for Various Occasions, Worship

May we see God's presence and strength among the vulnerable of our day.

Light of Epiphany

Call to Worship, Christmas & Epiphany, Church Seasons, Worship

Our light shines even brighter as we work for justice in the world.

Epiphany prayer

Christmas & Epiphany, Church Seasons, Prayers for Various Occasions, Worship

In this Collect we invite wisdom inherent in Epiphany to sweep over us.

Liturgy of God’s Welcome

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

The welcome of God extends beyond our wildest imaginings and then surprises us once again.

God’s Generosity

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

Open hands  readily give and receive. May we remain open to God's in-breaking.

Blessing of God’s Care

Blessings for Persons, Worship

Growth and flourishing is God's desire for our lives.

Liturgy for the Claiming of a New Name

Litanies & Liturgies, Naming/Transitioning, Rituals & Blessings, Worship

Embracing our true identity is cause for ceremony and celebration. Naming ritual is a wonderful way to honor truth.

Celebration and Praise

Call to Worship, Worship

We celebrate and praise God out of the richness of our experience with God.

Changed by God’s Love

Biblical Themes, Litanies & Liturgies, Love/Relationships, Worship

Greater acceptance, broader love, and wider welcome illuminates our reflection of God to the world (based on Acts 10:9-15 and Matthew 15:21-28).

A Litany of Coming Out

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

Join the celebration of God's marvelous creation in its full expression.

Litany of A Grateful People (Based on Mark 12:29-31)

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

Worship God with heart, soul, mind, and experience joy.

Prayer for Transfiguration Sunday

Church Seasons, Prayers for Various Occasions, Transfiguration Sunday, Worship

Our request for the light of God to shine in our lives brightly and in full force is heard and will be answered.

In-betweens too

Call to Worship, Worship

Come as you are and welcome others as they are.

Prayer of commitment

Prayers for Various Occasions, Worship

Expression of gratitude for the spirit and symbols of our common union. This prayer may be offered after communion.

Litany of Community Celebration and Solidarity

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

May the Spirit of God prompt us to live, love and act in ways that more completely embraces the gift of each other.

Welcome to the table

Eucharist, Worship

All may dine here in assurance of God's love.

Going forth in confidence

Sending Forth, Worship

Journeying with the grace and guidance of God calms us.

Contemporary Lord’s Prayer

Prayers for Various Occasions, Worship

Offering this prayer in unison brings us together and the words illustrate our common journey.

Prayer of confession

Prayers for Various Occasions, Worship

May we be available and open to all in words and in deeds.

Prayer of petition

Greetings & Opening Prayers, Prayers for Various Occasions, Worship

We pray for transformation in places of worship to be a better community.

Prayer for unity

Prayers for Various Occasions, Worship

One in the Spirit and one in worship — we pray!

Majestic worship (Adapted from Psalm 111)

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

Enter into the embrace of God's awe-inspiring presence as you recite this call to worship.


Prayers for Various Occasions, Worship

Inviting blessing upon the elements of bread and the cup offers us opportunity to reflect upon God's presence with us all in every place.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Prayers for Various Occasions, Worship

Rejoice in this offering of thanksgiving at the Communion Table for the gathering of all and the shared meal.

Opening sentences

Call to Worship, Worship

These beautiful opening sentences remind us to embrace the freedom granted to us in faith. You may wish to use this resource as a Call to worship or a recited prayer.

The blessing of diversity (Genesis 9:16)

Blessings for Persons, Worship

Truly seeing the beauty and gift of each person is profoundly spiritual. May our faith increase to have clear sight.

The family of God

Call to Worship, Worship

Moving beyond division and embracing our differences helps us connect with our sisters and brothers. You may wish to recite this in your worshipping community or simply offer it as a prayer.

Closing prayer

Prayers for Various Occasions, Worship

Jesus says, Come to me, and I will give you rest. A rest that is not passive, but is having the weight and concern of this life taken from you.

My creed – My beatitude

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

Stating our central aspirations and beliefs creates space for deep connection. This litany or reading rings with such openness.

We rejoice in our diversity

Call to Worship, Worship

This call helps us center ourselves in God's presence to celebrate all of who we are.

Gift of inclusion

Call to Worship, Worship

Celebrates sexual and gender diversity as a blessing that enriches us all.

Weekly affirmation

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

Affirming our African heritage, our vision...

We sow: A litany

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

Holy God, we sow; poor in spirit. We harvest eternal security. Holy God, we sow; with repentant minds. We reap your comfort....

I believe

Litanies & Liturgies, Worship

Declaring the persistent, healing, creative and forgiving love of God invites us to truly worship.

Sending forth

Sending Forth, Worship

In Christ we experience our wholeness, we are a new creation. As you have received God’s grace, go now and dare to reach out to others...


Prayers for Various Occasions, Worship

Our conversations with God are often times of healing and reminders of our growing edges. This prayer calls us to express love everywhere and to everyone.

In the presence of God

Call to Worship, Worship

Being fully present in each moment of the worship opens the potential for awe, joy, splendor and wonder. This brief Call to Worship reminds us to expect something transformative.

All one body

Call to Worship, Worship

We bring the full expression of who we are to worship celebration so we can connect with one another and with God. This Call to Worship beautifully invites us to voice it.