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In his video interview, Rev. Dr. Terence K. Leathers points out that in the Bible, there are "scriptures that we don't fully examine, that we take out of context, and we move them to where we are now--not understanding that you can't always do that."

Rev. Harmon blogs at Huffington Post, Southern Clergy Voices Signal a Shift Throughout the Black Community.

EBONY features video campaign:
'Many Voices' Campaign Highlights Black Clergy in Support of LGBT Issues.

Black Church Conversations

Having the conversation, even when you're not sure how
By Rev. Dr. Terence K. Leathers
Reflecting God and Rethinking Scripture
By Rev. Dr. Rodney Sadler
Djuan Trent
Confessions of a Beauty Queer: Saying Goodbye to Denial
By Djuan Trent