African American clergy speak up for equality

At a press conference two weeks ago pastors stated the case for Black church support of equality, justice and fairness for gay and lesbian people in Maryland. They definitively declared, “We stand united in the conviction that the government has an obligation to protect every person and every family equally under the law without the imposition of religious dogma.”

“As Marylanders, if you care about  justice rolling down like waters as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taught us, and the cause of equality U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall deftly argued for and defended — do not trample on their graves by voting for discrimination of any kind.” Reverend Dr. Amos C. Brown

A pastor with fifty years in ministry noted, “We are all on a journey of faith…we are not deceived today. While we know there are many people of goodwill and genuine faith who hold a diversity of perspectives on same-sex marriage… it is both right and in keeping with the heart of faith to do kindness unto one another – even to those with whom we do not agree.”

Prominent leaders of congregations from across the United States lifted their well-known, and respected voices in support at a time when some would have us believe there is only one Black religious viewpoint of the lives of LGBT people and especially marriage equality. Representing a diversity of denominations, each speaker was clear that they would not allow marriage equality, or any one issue, to draw them into codifying discrimination, inhibit their members from voting or divide the community.



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