Pledge to raise my voice

Yes, I will raise my voice!

Pentecostal bishop raises his voice for LGBT justice

As an African American Christian, proudly rooted in the spiritual heritage of liberation and freedom, I am dedicated to the struggle for justice for all people, especially those on the margins of society.

My soul is troubled by the continuing isolation, condemnation, and ill treatment that is too often accepted in our churches and community toward our lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender sisters and brothers.

In faith and solidarity, I pledge to

Honor the inherent dignity and worth of all people;

Gracefully embrace all families;

Listen to and learn from stories, experiences, and truths of gay and transgender people and family members;

Rev. Gilbert Caldwell
Rev. Dr. James Cone
Bishop Yvette Flunder
Rev. Dr. Malcolm Frazier
Bishop Melvin Talbert
Rev. Dr. Emilie Townes
Rev. John Vaughn
Dr. Traci West

Raise My Voice in love and celebration of all my neighbors;

Grow and share in respectful dialogue with Christians who hold different perspectives.

I make this pledge out of faithfulness to my calling, devotion to do justice, and steadfast commitment to a God whose unfailing love for us knows no limits or bounds, as expressed through the life of Jesus Christ.

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