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This section includes several issues that people frequently raise. Please look here for more specific questions. If your question is not addressed, however, please ask here

Throughout the site, you can also look for this icon that flags resources that are particularly useful to people just beginning their journey to becoming welcoming: 

If you have any question about the difference it makes to say welcoming words (or if you just want to be inspired), please watch this 5-minute video of Rosa's experience being welcomed when she visited Jorge's church.

Explore this section to learn about welcoming…


The words we use

We all know that words have power. Words can be used to hurt or heal. Why not shift to healing words in your congregation?

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Reaching out with welcome

You may wonder, “How are we gonna let people know they are welcome here?” Please ask this wonderful question over and over again….

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Responding when someone comes out

When someone chooses to share the truth of their existence with you, it reflects their view that you are open and trustworthy. The good news is that you are not expected to have answers….

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Beyond "all are welcome"

Here's the rub: Many people associate Christianity with condemnation. Your congregation may welcome all, but if you don't say so publicly, you may be missing many people who long for a welcoming community….

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Creating a comfortable space

Can you replicate the good vibrations of your favorite spaces for persons entering your worship place? Yes….

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Addressing insensitive comments and other blunders

Well-meaning folks do and say things that others find harmful and hurtful. If you find yourself in the presence of such a moment, what will you do?

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