Creating a comfortable space

Think of your favorite places to be: Soft cushions, smooth textiles, good lighting, soothing sounds, perfect temperatures and pleasing sights. Can you replicate the good vibrations of those spaces for persons entering your worship place? Yes.

Create an environment in which your friends, family, neighbors and the stranger would want to stay awhile. Never fear asking, “Are you comfortable? What can we do to make this a pleasant experience?”

Move beyond what is the norm and arrive at the new normal. Some things will change as you are sensitive to the likes and dislikes of fresh faces in worship. Hymn number 315 may not be the only opening song anymore.

The more openings you can create for persons along the full spectrum of sexual orientation and gender to lead worship and educate the congregation, the more everyone’s comfort level will grow.

Celebrate each step you take toward making worship Twitter-worthy each week, so people want to share, “guess where I am and enjoying it!”