Core values

Beloved community

We aim to build a beloved community of people who seek God’s justice, a community where those who are different are never shunned or pushed away. When our welcome extends to everyone, we celebrate and appreciate the wonder of God’s creation.

God’s gift of sexuality & gender

Each of us has a unique way of understanding and expressing our sexual orientation and gender. We affirm the responsible use of these God-given gifts in ways that reflect the beauty of true connection.

Equality & full participation

Knowing in our hearts that everyone is loved by God and made in God’s image, we affirm that we’re related to all of creation and that no one is better than anyone else. Each of us has gifts and graces that can enrich any congregation that truly affirms and welcomes all who take part.


Having the courage to break the silence is about being open to authenticity—being willing to listen, to be honest, to be vulnerable, to speak lovingly, to seek justice, and to extend hospitality. We believe that respectfully challenging one another can lead to meaningful dialogue and draw us into beloved community.


For us, integrity is a commitment to act and speak from wholeness and honesty. We strive to embody God’s unconditional love, to have high ethical standards, and to be trustworthy in all of our interactions with people.

Servant leadership

Creating space to encourage, inspire, and support others in opening dialogue in their churches is Many Voices’ joyful gift to the community. We don’t own the conversation or the work. Our mission is to build relationships that empower and nurture possibilities for wider welcome and wholeness.